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    • Utan rubrik lördag, 6 juni, 2020
        Sedan den 5 maj 2005 har jag ideellt granskat, redovisat, översatt, kommenterat och publicerat ofta unikt material, särskilt miggornas rapportering. Om ni uppskattar texterna, informationen, rapporterna, kommentarerna, stöd gärna via Subscribe med 1 krona om dagen = 30 kronor i månaden, eller med valfritt belopp via Donate, Swish eller Bankgiro.  Alla bidr […]

Internationella Juristkommissionens rapporter

ICJ logoJuristerna Birgitta Elfström och Arne Malmgren från Internationella Juristkommisionen har vid flera tillfällen besökt Israel som observatörer vid rättegångar mot palestinska barn och har också besökt det då hemliga "Fängelset 1391".

Rapporten PALESTINIAN CHILDREN BEHIND BARS  finns här under Rättegångsobservatörsrapporter. Här finns bl.a. vittesmål från palestinska barn som suttit i israeliska fängelser. Ett av dem lyder:

Dheisheh refugee camp, Bethlehem

In December 2002, the General Security Service (GSS) arrested me and my brother Mahmoud. I was at that time not yet 16 years old. We were brought to Atzion prison. After eight days my brother was transferred to Ahskelon prison. I was placed in solitary confinement for forty days. I was accused of being an enemy of the state of Israel. They said that they had a secret file on me. 

I was tortured during the interrogations. They beat me with a stick, burned my legs with cigarettes, they urinated on me and they threatened to pull out my nails. I was placed in administrative detention for six months. The military commander extended the detention to 21 months altogether. I was placed in a tent with other detainees.

In summer it was up to +45 degrees Celsius and in winter very cold and rainy. I was very cold since I only had two blankets.

There were mosquitoes, snakes and scorpions in the tent. The food was insufficient and sometimes the food was poisoned. A few times the warders sprinkled us with gas.

Today I am a university student and I try to look forward to a peaceful future, but still I live in a place similar to a prison.

Prisoner ChainRapporten FACILITY 1391” a secret prison finns här under Rättegångsobservatörsrapporter. Där sägs bl.a.:

One of the judges observed that it was problematic for a democratic state to maintain detention facilities without mentioning the place for it, because this could give a detainee the feeling to be kept in “the air”. The judge also stated that detainees have the fundamental right to know where they are. Only the number “1391” as a marker for the place tells them nothing.


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