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The Sunscreen Song

Har du inte hört den än, så lyssna på (och se!) den här!

Men läs detta först:

Something for everybodyOmslaget till cd:n som bl.a. innehåller Sunscreen Song

One of the most surreal singles in memory, "Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)" has an even stranger story than you'd imagine: in 1998, a student lifted the text of an article columnist Mary Schmich had written for the Chicago Tribune and started sending it around the world, crediting it as a commencement speech given at MIT by Kurt Vonnegut. Film director Baz Luhrmann (who had taken a big part in designing the soundscapes of his films Strictly Ballroom and William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet) got his hands on it just as he was working on a remix of Rozalla's 1992 dance hit "Everybody's Free (To Feel Good)." Within a day, Luhrmann had hired a local actor to read the text, and a single was born. It's a wonderfully surreal pop-cultural moment on an album that strives for such things.

Det ligger något lite M A Numminen-aktigt över det hela…

Apropå Ams

Bye bye BylundUr Expressen ledare den 12 augusti.

Läs även mina tidigare inlägg om (tr)Amseriet, längre ner på bloggen.