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    • Utan rubrik lördag, 6 juni, 2020
        Sedan den 5 maj 2005 har jag ideellt granskat, redovisat, översatt, kommenterat och publicerat ofta unikt material, särskilt miggornas rapportering. Om ni uppskattar texterna, informationen, rapporterna, kommentarerna, stöd gärna via Subscribe med 1 krona om dagen = 30 kronor i månaden, eller med valfritt belopp via Donate, Swish eller Bankgiro.  Alla bidr […]

Några saudiska och irakiska bloggtips

Saudiarabien flaggaDiary of a woman i Arabia presenteras så här:
If you are after the One thousand and one nights kind of tales, then you are in the wrong spot. This is real life about real people(Me)!! Just the thoughts and feeling and life experience of well, Me again.

Average Saudi Mom presenteras inte alls, men namnet på bloggen säger en del…

Nzinghas Soapbox presenteras så här:
Wife and mother. Well I'm opinionated, realistic, spiritual, and open minded. Don't forget too bold for most, but always willing to lend a helping hand.

Iraks flaggaNeurotic Iraqi wife  presenteras så här:
I am an Iraqi woman who absolutely adores her HUBBY, but HUBBY is too busy rebuilding the country. We just got married 4 months ago so in reality I am still a new bride, or so they say. Whenever I talk to someone they ask how is the "aroosa doing", aroosa=bride and then how is the "irees doing" irees=groom. And the most normal expression after that "hessa shidoo il himma oo jeeboo jahal" oh god which literally translates into "cmon work hard at IT and get some kids"…..hmmm how do they suppose we can have kids if me and HUBBY are separated by thousands of miles, is there an einstein somewhere that has a solution?

Baghdad Burning presenteras så här (senast uppdaterad 5 augusti):
Girl Blog from Iraq… let's talk war, politics and occupation. … I'll meet you 'round the bend my friend, where hearts can heal and souls can mend…


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