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Thanhs reaktion på JKs beslut

Läs här (25 augusti 2007) först. Och se ”spionblanketterna” här (13 mars 2006).

Här är Thanhs reaktion på JKs beslut:

ln the morning yesterday when l woke up everything was the same as every other morning. l opened your blog to read any news. And then l have read something that was a very, very big shock for me: a good surprise article about the decision from JK.

Because I had so, so big shock l don’t know how to write now, to make you understand how is my feeling at this time. But your help and support to me and plus the decision from JK, it brings the sunlight into my darkness of refugee life here in Sweden!

The decision from the JK made me understand very clear that l have done nothing wrong during the time l have seek for asylum in Sweden. Especially I understand about the 8 months in förvaret in Märsta that the Police and MIG together used their powers to try to force me to do illegal things which is what JK has said in his decision!

Merit, thank you for everything you are doing for me and for others reefugees. From the bottom of my heart l just want to cry. It is already three years (2004) since you started to help me when I was in förvaret in Märsta and until now I have good feeling!

Merit, please help me to give my regards to mr Göran Lambertz from JK! I would love to send my thanks to him and tell him that he is a person who has a real Humanship. He has brought new energy into my very bad refugee life here in Sweden.


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