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Om en svensk mans kamp för att hans fru ska få uppehållstillstånd i Sverige så att de kan leva här tillsammans. Del 1.

sveriges-flaggaOm en svensk mans kamp för att hans fru ska få uppehållstillstånd i Sverige så att de kan leva här tillsammans. Han har skickat delar av sin korrespondens med sin fru, Migrationsverket och Sveriges ambassad i Abu Dhabi, där hans fru, som vi kan kalla Mai, lämnat in sin ansökan om uppehållstillstånd i Sverige. Det här handlar allstså om hur han försöker ordna så att hon ska få tillstånd att komma till Sverige på grund av anknytning till honom, som vi kan kalla Johan. Här är hans brev till sin fru, skickat den 22 juli:

Darling Mai,

I have paid for my ticket to Dubai and back.

Now I am very unhappy. I have spent a lot of time trying to find out if there is something wrong with your application. I contacted a lawyer and asked for help with my contact with Migrationsverket in Sweden. She told me what questions I should ask.

13 June I sent all the questions to Migrationsverket.

22 June I sent a copy of the mail to a woman in Sweden that has done some work for Migrationsverket. And I found out that I (a male Swedish citizen who wants to live with his wife) have no priority compared to non-Swedish citizens and can expect waiting even several years for the permit.

24 June I sent the same questions again from my ship to Migrationsverket because I didn’t get any answers on my mail.

10 July I sent the same questions from my home to Migrationsverket because I didn’t get any answers on my mail.

16 July Migrationsverket answered my first mail and told me that the application was registered.

22 July Migrationsverket answered my second mail. They told me that the application was registered on the 11:th of March. But they also told me that the application is still atnthe embassy in Abu Dhabi!!!

The reason is that you have NOT been on the Embassy for the interview!!!
The application has been in Abu Dhabi for 4 month waiting to be completed!!!

And I’m still waiting for the answers on my third mail.


Didn’t your friend read the mails that you received from Migrationsverket in Marsch so he could explain to you what you must do?

Every week there is about 2500 people from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and so on coming to Sweden. Some have reasons to apply for asylum, some just want to live here because the Swedish government guarantees them a lifelong supply of money for the living. And almost everyone is getting a permanent residence permit.

When it comes to applications like ours – woman marries a Swedish man – we seem to be placed at the end of the queue. That’s the way it is and there is nothing that I can do about it.

I will fly to Dubai in the beginning of next week (28:th of July) so we can go to the Embassy together. Can you call the Embassy and make an appointment for next week?

But with all this people coming to Sweden every week we can’t expect our application to be approved until – maybe at best – sometime the next year. Maybe it is better that we cancel the application and you come and live in Sweden using the same kind of visa that you used when you visited me last time? Maybe it’s possible for you to go to Denmark and renew the visa once a month – I’m investigating this.

Another option is to buy you a Syrian citizenship and then you will get permanent VISA within one hour on the Migrationsverket in Sweden. The cost for this is very cheap compared to the cost of – in worst case – the ticket for going back to Dubai or Denmark every month/every three month to renew your visa. The problem with this is that you look Chinese and not Syrian!

The next option is that you don’t go back to Dubai after your one month/three month visa to Sweden has expired. That is, of course, against the law, but I really don’t care. You are my wife and it’s my fundamental human right to live together with you!

The last option(s) is that I move to Dubai/China.

As always: please don’t forget that I love you!

Kisses, Johan

I del 2 har Johan anlänt till Dubai och fortsättningen på hans historia följer i ett kommande inlägg.

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