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Finland. Finsk polis utför tvångsutvisningar av irakier som fått avslag på sina asylansökningar.

finnish-police-carrying-out-2-12-2016-yleKlicka på textrutan för att läsa hela texten på Yles sajt (på engelska).


Finsk polis utför tvångsutvisningar av irakier som fått avslag på sina asylansökningar

Utdrag texten, på engelska:

Charter flights arranged by the Finnish police have carried 1,500 rejected asylum seekers voluntarily back to Iraq since the turn of the year, while the International Organization of Migration (IOM) has assisted with 1,395 voluntary returns from Finland to Iraq in the same period. A representative of the Finnish police says individual forced returns to Iraq have also taken place for some who refuse to leave voluntarily, despite the absence of an agreement between the countries on repatriation.

National Police Board Chief Superintendent Mia Poutanen says Finland is currently facilitating the forced returns of rejected asylum seekers from Iraq, in addition to thousands of voluntary returns assisted by the Finnish police and the IOM.

“We have always returned people there, and we seek to continue to do so. There is a false notion, if you could call it that, that a repatriation agreement must be signed before the police can carry out a forced return, but it is not true,” she says.
The lion’s share of rejected asylum seekers originating from Iraq chose an assisted voluntary return. Some 1,500 people were returned to Iraq so far in 2016 on 16 charter flights. A further 1,395 Iraqis were sent back via the intergovernmental organisation the International Organisation of Migration (IOM). In addition, Poutanen says several individuals have been returned to Iraq against their will this year.
“When the Immigration Service and the courts catch up with their backlog, and the rejected applicants don’t return to their country of origin for some reason, the number of people residing in the country illegally could grow. The goal however is that we will be able to implement each of the decisions,” Poutanen says

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