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        Sedan den 5 maj 2005 har jag ideellt granskat, redovisat, översatt, kommenterat och publicerat ofta unikt material, särskilt miggornas rapportering. Om ni uppskattar texterna, informationen, rapporterna, kommentarerna, stöd gärna via Subscribe med 1 krona om dagen = 30 kronor i månaden, eller med valfritt belopp via Donate, Swish eller Bankgiro.  Alla bidr […]

Afghanistan är nu det land som tar in flest afghanska migranter

afghanistan-itself-is-now-taking-in-nt-4-11-2016Klicka på textrutan för att komma till artikeln i New York Times. Texten översätts inte utan får läsas på engelska.

Afghanistan är nu det land som tar in flest afghanska migranter

Korta utdrag ur artikeln:

There is one country in the world that is now taking in more Afghan migrants than all the countries in Europe and South Asia put together this year. That would be Afghanistan itself.
This year Norway has sent back 442 Afghans, more than half of them forcibly, while Germany has returned 2,900 Afghans, nearly all voluntarily. Early in October, the European Union signed an agreement with Afghanistan to return Afghans whose asylum appeals are rejected — most likely resulting in tens of thousands of repatriations. Known as the Joint Way Forward declaration, which critics say Europe made a condition of continued development assistance to Afghanistan, it even provides for building a dedicated airport terminal in Kabul to handle the expected repatriations.
Almost none of the Afghans leaving Pakistan are doing so of any belief that Afghanistan is now safer to live in. Official pressure and discrimination are the most common reasons given.
“There are more than a million people on the move,” Ms.  Maya Ameratunga, the Afghanistan director for UNHCR, said. “And this is happening at a time when winter can be a life-or-death challenge, and when donor fatigue is stretched with all the disasters happening all over the world.”

Läs också
Finland. ”Afghanistan klarar inte av ett så stort antal återvändande människor, tror Laurence Hart, chef för IOM:s avdelning i Kabul.”

EASO Quarterly Asylum Report Q1 2014

Ur EASO Quarterly Asylum Report Q1 2014

EASO logoGermany, France and Sweden were the main countries of destination, receiving 55% of all asylum applicants registered in the EU+.

Germany and Sweden continued to receive more than half of Syrian applicants (53%).

In Q1, Germany, France and Sweden were the main countries of destination, receiving 55 % of all asylum applicants registered in the EU+, with France becoming the second main receiving country.

Germany (21.285, 23 % of the total), France (16. 685, 18 % of the total), and Sweden (10.035, 11 % of the total) recorded the highest number of first instance decisions in Q1 2014 and produced more than half of all decisions issued in the EU+.

In Sweden (79 % of 10,035 = 7.928) more than half of the decisions issued during Q1 2014 at first instance were positive. In Denmark 51 % of 1.650 = 841 decisions were positive at first instance, in Norway 67 % of 2.130 = 1.427 and in Finland 57 % of 550 = 313 decisions were positive at first instance.

Germany, France and Sweden received together 87 % of all the applications made by Western Balkan nationals in Q1 2014.

Germany, France and Sweden are also the ones coping with the largest caseload of WB applicants registered at the end of March 2014.

As observed in 2013, during Q1 2014, the protection rates issued to Afghan applicants across EU+ countries differed significantly. Italy, Switzerland, France and Sweden were the only countries granting protection rates above the EU+ average of 63 %.

EASOs kvartalsrapport kan läsas i sin helhet här.